Thursday, August 7, 2008

Great American Pit Stop

or Good Bye Mt. Zubba Bubba. It's been fun!

On our journey home yesterday we made an unusual (but planned pit stop). Having lived in WI (booooo Brett's a Jet Favre) for many years, we are Brewers fans. They were playing in Cincinnati against the Reds in the Great American Ball Park yesterday at 12:35 and we just so happened to be driving through there then (nice grammar, I know). So, we stopped, got a couple of cheap nose bleed seats (but still a good view of the field), the requisite popcorn, hot dogs, ice water and took our places. At one point a man with Down syndrome passed us by and I mentioned this to Mark. His reply was, 'ya, they all have Ds.' I looked again and the man was with a few friends who all had Ds. A few minutes later I looked up and over a few rows, and lo and behold, there were even more people with Ds. We bought our tickets at the gate but managed to sit with our people. How cool and unplanned!

I say we were in our seats for 40 minutes. Mark says 20. It was long enough to eat the dogs and slather everyone in spf 50 sunscreen. (which I should have done in the car). Although I had on a Brewers shirt, Soph was in red and white and her skin was the bright tomato red of her outfit. Her lethargy and coloring freaked me out so we boot scooted to the first aid station. Despite our Brewer apparel, they let us in. We all cooled off in the air conditioning and watched the game on a 14 inch screen. After a little while the boys took off while Soph rested. Eventually her skin color returned to normal and after a nap she woke up with her usual personality and a decent temp. Whew. We caught the last 10 minutes of the game and headed back to the car. Here's what the temp gage in the car read:

If there had been even a slight breeze or 1 spot with shade, I think we would have been ok. It was just too hot with that direct sun. We did have a little fun though. Alexander and Mark found the mister thing and cooled off. Not sure how much of the actual game we watched. But, the Brewers won 6-3 and Soph was OK. That's all that matters in the end.


Bethany said...

Woo Wisconsin! I can't believe it was that hot at the game ... I'd of left too! LOL

Anonymous said...

Despite the heat, @ least you were able to make another fam. memorie. Glad Sophie was ok! Love all the pic's. Liz

JRS said...

I miss WI :-{

Memories, like the corners of my mind. Misty water colored memories... Next time I'd like to see the game.