Saturday, August 30, 2008

Reece's Rainbow, 'Orphans' with Special Needs

written by Meredith Cornish

Dateline [last night] couldn't have had better timing for such a sad story but one we need to see and hear. The plight of orphans with special needs including Down syndrome in Serbia. Reece's Rainbow is currently working as well as Until All Have Homes to identify children with Down syndrome that are available for international adoption. Many children, maybe even some shown in this footage, could find their way into a home from these grants. It's not just Reece's Rainbow's opinion that this is happening, take a look at this video below. And if you'd like, take a peek at my own children adopted from Ukraine in 2008. One of whom is 5 years old and weighed 17 lbs with a fatal heart defect. Her heart is corrected through a miraculous surgery. She is now thriving as is my new little boy (11lbs at 18 months, 22lbs at 23 months!)

Reece's Rainbow made the difference for my children and it did for me as well. But it is a huge financial burden to take on an international adoption. Reece's Rainbow could do so much with your help.

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WARNING: video below is difficult to watch

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Samm said...

"Difficult to watch" is a HUGE understatement. I cried the whole way through it. I commend anyone who adopts children from these horrible places.