Friday, August 29, 2008


Alexander's preschool orientation was today. (weepy momma). We found bows for Sophie's very thin, short hair that don't immediately fall out or make her cry. (weepy momma). We will make history with this election. (weepy momma)


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

I understand all of those weepys. Especially the preschool one.

Anonymous said...

Hange in there will be the best roller coaster ride of your life! love, the prairie

Anonymous said...

What a handsome little guy and adorable little sister! I can so relate to the weepys- 8th grade was a doozy this year! Like someone else said, hang on, it's the greatest ride!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen you know im feeling ya! It was only a week ago that Miss Emma started preschool. She was crying, I was crying....but then you get over it, or so I thought! After 6 days of school now you would think she would be getting comfortable. Instead we have been having a morning routine of whinning, crying and throwing a fit(even though she has made some friends:) So today as we get ready for school same old thing.... starting to get very annoying- we get to school and no good bye 4 me , not even a hug and kiss. So now I cant get over it! Huh. I know what the roller coaster ride feels like now. We shall take this ride together! Love your sis Liz,#2! HA HA

JRS said...

Glad I'm not alone.

the prairie-
Roller Coaster is right.

whatever to us-
Thank you! 8th grade, whoa.

I (heart) you