Friday, October 15, 2010

Are You Ready for Some Football

On a beautiful fall evening (September 25th) we took the family to Mark's university's football game. Although it was a college game (they are thinking of going Big East) it had the feel of a Friday night high school game and suddenly I was back in my cheerleading uniform at Sloan Wallace. stop laughing

The last time we went to a college football game it was just the three of us and it was Homecoming at the University of WI-Madison. Alexander was just a tot in a sea of red.
Sure, we tailgated at the U of IL with the Duffs, but we didn't actually go in. Our house was so close to the stadium that we often took a tv on our back deck and could hear the roar of the crowd from the comfort of home. *Mark reminded me that we did go to a U of IL game in 2007, but I guess I had forgotten.
I'd like to tell you that all three kids were well behaved and that we stayed for the whole game. The truth was that Alexander and Helena weren't as excited to be there as Mark and I were. Sophie was thrilled to be outside and with her family. The girls were a big hit in their school gear and bows I had made that day (feeling all Martha Stewartish).

Despite the many meltdowns by our youngest (the schmoog), popcorn and the Wildcat kept us at the game until the 4th quarter. We can't really blame them as it was after their bed times. Next time we'll get a sitter but we may just bring Soph along.

you needed proof of my high school days did ya?

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Cate said...

ha! that high school picture is fantastic. you look like Liesl from The Sound of Music, like you're about to burst out with "I am sixteen, going on seventeen".

JRS said...

that is too funny Cate!

RK said...

B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E!!

Awesome... the girls are too cute. They'll be sure to follow in Mom's footsteps, I'm sure. :o)

Ok, and for real, the word verification for me is "hotru"!! Ha! Hot R U! So Tru!

Anonymous said...

Um...who's lettermen jacket are you wearing...oh my gosh! hehehehe ;-)

the prairie