Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Our Haunted Yard

We went all out in decorating for Halloween this year. Every day for weeks we added to the front yard. The end result is pretty amazing, doncha think?

This is obviously not our home, but is on Mark's route to work. My point and shoot camera really doesn't do this justice, especially the night shots. This is a family that embraces Halloween and I totally dig it. (click the pictures to enlarge)

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Becca said...

LOL! How fun! Btw, did your landlord ever come through with you in a timely manner about your basement? If not, I think you should send him down there at night for a lovely Halloween fest of his own.

JRS said...

@ Becca
Not really. I refused to mop it down the drain. The sump pump was replaced and then the guy left while it began sucking the 3-4 inches down. Once it got to the point where you needed to mop it over the uneven floor to the drain I refused to do it as Mark and I had already spent a day the last time it flooded without a discount on rent. However, Mark ran a bunch of fans and spent maybe 20 minutes - 30 minutes mopping. What is left is a dirty floor that is covered in a silty layer. By the time the landlord came back to look a few days later it was dry. His solution is to build up all along the outside of the house at an angle with rubber sheeting so that it drains away from the house because the foundation sucks. So far it hasn't flooded again, but it looks so bad. I've fantasized about measuring out the square footage of all his stuff in our side yard and basement and give him a quote on monthly storage fees. Gots-ta-get-outta here next year! Pray that we can buy in this ridiculous real estate area!
I really should send him down there on Halloween!

Anonymous said...

I was big is your yard?! I can totally see you jazzing up your yard like that! Fantastic!
the prairie