Thursday, October 7, 2010

Humanitarian Award for an Amazing Leader

"In September 2010, Special Olympics Chairman and CEO Tim Shriver was awarded the Quincy Jones Humanitarian Award by the Global Down Syndrome Foundation.

The event was spearheaded by Michelle Sie, the dynamic and visionary Executive Director of the Foundation. Michelle is an incredible advocate for her daughter Sophia, who has Down syndrome, and the millions of others with Down Syndrome around the world that their research benefits. Over 1,200 people turned out for a spectacular event -- Jamie Foxx and his sister Diondra Dixon (who has Down syndrome) stole the show, as did Quincy Jones, who presented Tim with an award in recognition of his work at Special Olympics."

you really want to watch this one

click HERE if you are having trouble viewing the video

Congratulations Tim and oh yes, you do deserve it! Read his blog post about it HERE.

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RK said...

Wow. How cool is that. And what a really special video... once again I'm reminded that I need to check out our local SO group. I know they meet even for tots like mine, and I need to get in on that action for Miss B.