Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Pumpkin Bread

Oh, my first attempt at making pumpkin bread (shakes head). Sometimes I have an all consuming need to create, to make something. Sometimes it is a crafty project or photography. Othertimes it is a recipe. Some turn out better than others but the idea is to try and have fun doing it.

I'm not a real baker, so any excuse to use my sifter gives me the giggles. I get to pretend that I'm a mom-who-bakes and that makes me feel good.

My recipe, found HERE called for 2 pans, but my batter fit into 3. I worried that the temperature seemed low so I consulted my pals on fb. When the timer dinged, I did the following; see if the top is wet, check if it is springy, test with a toothpick (repeat every few minutes). Thankfully my girl Maureen and baby Samuel understood that this was a great excuse for us to stop cleaning and doing laundry and they headed over for a taste test.
After just over an hour I pulled them out. They looked amazing. I didn't wait for them to cool before lopping off a chunk and adding a pat of butter that melted on contact with this pumpkin, cinnamon, nutmeg yumminess.

Unfortunately the temp was too low or I didn't leave them in long enough. As they cooled 2 of 3 loaves fell in the middle revealing a gooey delicious layer. Some might consider this a failed experiment, but then you didn't taste this little bit of autumn heaven. (I won't tell you that we ate almost a whole loaf while watching a chick flick and doing nothing more than laying around the living room, ahem!)

Next time I'm adding walnuts. Wait. Did you hear that? The pumpkin bread is calling my name!

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RK said...

I say YUM to the ooey gooey middle. I like pumpkin bread just about any way it shows up.

And tell Maureen that she's lucky that she gets to be the one who gets "the call" now... so jealous. But I'm so happy you have someone to share the sweetness with.

Anonymous said...

Baking is the best!!! I LOVE baking! I am going to use your recipe this weekend and do it up! No walnuts for me though. Lane loves to bake...he is always asking me if he can "free style"? He makes a basic cookie dough and then he adds different things to it...some good...some not so good but at least I am raising a boy who will be able to feed himself!
the prairie