Tuesday, October 7, 2008

3 Check Ups

Today was a busy day at St. Louis Children's Hospital. It started in the Ds clinic where Soph weighed in at 21 and a third pounds, her height is 29 and a third inches, and head circumference is 44.3 cm. Generally, this is in the 75 percentile on the Ds scale. Also, Soph does not have 2 teeth coming in, she has 4!

Then we visited an ENT and Audiologist. Her tympanogram was flat in both ears. "No pressure peak for either ear suggestive of middle ear problems" (or little ear canals that didn't test properly). The hearing test results, " responses to speech and tonal/noise band stimuli suggest essentially normal hearing for at least one ear - with exception of responses seen at a mild loss level at 500hz and speech awareness." The vibrating bone conductor behind her right ear did not induce a response. Translation, she hears pretty good. Come back in a few months for repeat testing to figure this out a bit more.

Last was an appointment with opthomology. It was a follow up appointment from her Strabismus surgery in May. Her eyes look great and are level. Her vision is good with slight astigmatism in both eyes. Come back in a year.

Not a bad day all things considered. Our friends RK and Braska came over for the afternoon and were great company. I got to see Braska sign 'all done' and say book and shoe. RK is gorgeous, as usual. She always looks so nice and there I was in my schlumpadinka pj pants. But hey, at least I showered today.
Lunch with the girls
nap before opthomology
Now I'm up


Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Sounds like a busy day! I forget, does she have tubes? Delphine always had trouble with the tympanogram - but once she got her tubes, she got great readings.

I'm so jealous you got to hang out with RK and Braska - your two girlies are so cute!

RK said...

You are too kind, girlfriend. We enjoyed it, and it turned out well since we had to pop in for an unexpected visit to GI too! :o)

Anonymous said...

I know your day was busy Jen, but in all the talking we did you forgot to tell me that Soph has 4 teeth coming in not just 2! Unless that was when my phone quit on us, then im sorry. All in all im glad you girls made it home safe, and that your day went well. Love the pictures, both girls are cute:) See you in a few. Love ya Liz

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear that a busy day went so well! Very cool that you got a chance for a meet-up too! Your girls are both dolls :)

JRS said...

Thanks! Nope, she doesn't have tubes. She's not had any ear problems so far, thank goodness.

It was so good to see you two! Thanks again for keeping us company. Glad it worked out in a weird way.

Guess so. Sorry.

whatever to us-
The meet up was really nice. Thanks!