Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cool Trick

Sophie is seriously double jointed in her thumb. She can nearly touch her wrist with her thumb. This was discovered when dressing her in long sleeved tops. Hold your hand up and see how far you can stretch your thumb back. Mine only goes 90 degrees making a L. Can't get yours too far, huh? She also has a little bend in the top knuckle of her pinkie. I've heard the bent pinkie is a Ds thing, but I don't know about the thumb thing. Cool Tricks!
(as always, click the pic to enlarge)


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Kennedy can do the same thing with her thumb! It rocks! LOL

Anonymous said...

Dom's got the pinky bend and a few fingers that are double-jointed (or missing a joint-who knows!) that are really flexible...including his thumb. Makela has the pinky bend too :)

Anonymous said...

There is one person in each generation of my family who has the bent pinky thing, find of funny that it is only one person, oh...and I happen to be that person :) love, the prairie

Tom P. said...

Mikey has the little bent pinkie thing too. It's so cute. Mikey is very flexible... he sleeps folded in half and although it looks really uncomfortable, if you try to unfold him he goes right back to folded in half. I think if I slept with my feet by my ears it would take a week in a hospital to unfold me! ;)

Anonymous said...

The next time you come home-soon:).... Look at Austins fingers, im not sure exactly what goes on with him. But all of his fingers are weird. They are shaped about the same, but as they go to the tip all of them look flat. It is not that noticeable, unless you are studing his hands. He is also double-jointed and flexible, with his wrists. He likes to creap me out from time to time. I guess its pretty cool to a 12yr. old boy though. Now that im thinking of it should I take him to the Doc. see what they think? Though Austin has never had any problems, or complained of them. I know, I know its a Lizzy story and DRAMA, I should just let them be. Well ill talk to you later. Love ya Liz

JRS said...

mommy to those special ks-

whatever to us-
I gotta check this out next time I see Dom.

the prairie-
So, maybe it's not a Ds thing?

tom p.-
I'm honored that you stopped by. Sophie easily chews on her toes sometimes, but I think her Buddha belly might make Mikey's sleeping position a little more tough. I bet she could do it though.

Leave my nephew and his fingers alone! I'll be checking this out next weekend!