Thursday, October 2, 2008


This Saturday is our community's 4th Buddy Walk. Over the last thirteen years, the Buddy Walk™ has become the premier advocacy event for Down syndrome and has become a major platform for inclusion in communities across the country. Below is the blue and yellow sunburst logo from the National Down Syndrome Society.

Click here to watch a few short PSAs featuring John C. & Max McGinley, Chris Burke, Albert Pujols, Meredith Vieira, and Sara Wolff.

We are blessed to have my sister Liz, her two children Austin and Emma, my grandma Mary, and new friend Aida travel from my home state of Iowa to walk with TEAM SOPHIE. Then, next weekend our family will be travelling back to my hometown of Waterloo, IA to participate in their Buddy Walk where we will be joined by even more family members. This year we had team shirts made and I will be sure to post pictures. You all are cordially invited to walk with us this year at either Buddy Walk. If you cannot make it to either of our Buddy Walks but would like to participate, please click here to find a Buddy Walk near you.

If you feel so moved, we would be happy to accept a donation made to TEAM SOPHIE. Donations go to support both local programs and services as well as the NDSS. Click our team logo below or on the sidebar to go to Sophie's page.


Anonymous said...

Last but not least im back now, but dont have time to look at all the hihg lighted areas, maybe we can do that tomorrow. Pray for safe travels for us, and see you around 7:00 p.m. Love ya Liz.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great reunion day for you and your family and how cool that you get to go to 2 Buddy Walks this year :) Yep, you read right- at last confirmed count (if everyone shows that is registered), we've got about 65 folks coming-66 if you include Barney (Jason's aunt's dog!)....can't wait- just hoping I get to see your crew at the event :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! See you there!!! -Mark

My name is Sarah said...

I love your Team Sophie design -very cool.

JRS said...

Love hya too.

whatever to us-
It was such a good day, mostly because of how hard you and Jason worked.

Who are you? JK