Sunday, October 12, 2008

It Must Be a Guy Thing

Alexander got a new blue car yesterday, (thanks dear friends for the hand-me-down!) and what's the first thing he must do? Wash it, or as he puts it, water his car.

How much does this kid love this car? Does this face say it all?

He discovered that the back seat holds water, so he decided to take a bath/swim. It must be a guy thing.


Anonymous said...

It must be a guy thing! Every time Austin gets a new bike or some gadget on wheels, he always wants to wash it. Those pictures are priceless. How will you ever pick wich pictures (since you have so many to choose from, and many more years to come) to put out for ALL of his graduations! Im sure you will also have a video montage going the whole time of his open house-so I guess you really wont have to choose. The next time we see you Xander will have to take Emma for a ride, that would be cute. Liz

Anonymous said...

glad he liked the car, funny about the 'watering'....must be a guy thing, I agree :) Hey, I managed to respond to the tag about 6 random facts....

JRS said...

I'm sure he would love to take Emma for a ride.

whatever to us-
You are a great friend. Thank you for the many gifts.