Saturday, October 18, 2008


I don't know if it's an urban legend or not, but that doesn't really matter. I read in an email a while back about an EMT with a good idea. Often times car accident victims have cell phones that they find on the scene. If the victim is unable to communicate, then they can't tell the EMTs who to call, and the EMTs wouldn't know who to dial in the cell phone contact list. I think the solution is kind of neat.

Pick your In Case of Emergency person and list them in your contacts as ICE (then name). For example, when my hubby calls me it comes up ICE, Mark, husband. Hopefully I'll never be in the position to need this, and who knows if the EMTs would have heard of it, but it sure doesn't hurt to give it a try, especially if we spread the word.


Anonymous said...

When I bought my new cell phone recently it was pre-programed with "ice contacts" so I would say it is not an urban legand! Love, the prairie

Tom P. said...

When I passed out a couple of weeks ago, the police called the number listed under "home".

JRS said...

the prairie-
Guess it's true.

tom p.-
I actually thought of you when I posted this. We don't have a house phone anymore as we never used it, so that's not an option for us. More and more people are moving towards just cells I think.