Friday, October 10, 2008


I have to put my big girl pants on and make a decision I do not want to make. We were supposed to travel back to my home town of Waterloo, IA this weekend for their Buddy Walk. However, Mark has a brutal cold and a work load of immense proportions. A good drive is only 5 hours without stops for a 3 year old in potty training or a screaming baby. There is really no way that I can do that alone with 2 kids. So, I had to decide to forgo the trip and miss out on seeing Brigette and Josie and my family. Dang double dang. Have fun gang! We'll see you at Christmas ((sob)).

Also, for a week I've been getting a strange error message that my computer battery is not recognizing my power source (or some such), won't be able to charge, and warning me to plug it in. Yet, it has been plugged in and working fine. Last night it actually did stopped charging the battery (it's now down to 84% battery available) though it continues to work as if it is drawing power from the cord, not the battery. I'm getting a new battery and power cord after an online chat with tech support in 2-3 business days (under warranty). In light of this, I may be taking a computer break, checking in only briefly. We'll see what happens. Thanks to Renee for the reminders to back up as I hadn't done that in a while but did when I saw her go through the loss of her irreplaceable files. Computer woes are not fun.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

I'm glad you're backing up your pics!!! And sorry about the buddy walk :(. What a bummer!

Anonymous said...

awww....bummer on both counts! I hope your computer woes are short lived and a miraculous change allows you to in IA in body instead of just spirit this weekend-hugs! that's gotta be tough :(

Anonymous said...

Yes Jen it does suck that you cant come here to the Loo this weekend. But i'd rather you and all 3 kids stay home with Mark, and be safe. It's silly to drive up here the day of the walk (only a 5-6 hr. drive) for it only to turn into a 6-8 hr. drive. Changing Soph, feeding her, stoping to take in (potty training) Xander to the bathroom only to hope he doesnt have any accidents, and you miss prego with baby # 3-you will have to PEE! Not to mention that both kids @ some point in time will just want you. So dont beat your self up, or be to sad, because we will always have last weekend, it was a blast:) As far as this weekend goes we will still be team Sophie, and cheer her on. We will miss you, but theres always next year. For your computer melt down, well it will be okay. The 31 for 21 will just have to wait, like me you will just have to play the catch up game. Well be thinking of you all, hope Mark gets better soon, and squeeze the kids for me, followed with strawberry kisses. Talk to you soon I love you all. Your sis Liz:)

Anonymous said...

hey, swing by our blog when your computer woes are over, I nominated you for an award :)

JRS said...

mommy to those special ks-
Bummer for sure. Thanks for the back-up reminder.

whatever to us-
Tough for sure, but they had a great time.

Thanks for everything and for representing again this year.