Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Special Joy: Parenting Magazine

Parenting Magazine has been showcasing galleries of children with Down syndrome on their web site in honor of Down syndrome Awareness Month. I had sent in pictures of Soph forever ago and had given up on them choosing her. I decided to try one more time and sent a different picture and lo and behold, they chose her! Click here to see her national magazine debut! Click here to go to the beginning of the gallery to peruse some of the most beautiful faces you'll ever lay eyes on including many of our new friends.


Anonymous said...

OOOOOOOOOO-I love it! Thats so awesome. Congratulations Sophie;) You know I love that sweet little strawberry girl. Thats my fav. picture of her. Aunt Diane would have just eaten her up, as we all do! Hope you all feel better soon, and looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Untill then, sending strawberry kiss'es, hugs, and get well wishes. Love aunt Liz.

whatever to us said...

How could they not include Miss Sophie? She's a princess who deserves the spotlight. Now we've got two local celebs :) Hope you're on the way to recovery from the F.L.U.

JRS said...

Yes, I think of Aunt Diane often as well, and you're right. See you Saturday!

whatever to us-
It's weird, and they didn't print her age or my quote. Oh well. I'm glad she's in.