Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Mark's Sunday Night Hockey Game


Anonymous said...

Well now, that pictures just hot! No really...the kids look like they are!! JK Hope he played well and had fun! the pririe

Anonymous said...

Awah thats a cute picture! By the looks of the date/day you saw us off to the L'oo(Waterloo, IA)- you probably picked up after us-got ready for your trip-did some more laundry, and then you were on your way to watch Mark play his hockey game. WOW what a day! Your always sooooooo busy. I admire how you can do all of this, keep your house clean, and always have your kids look soooo cute, and you look great too. On top of making a good meal, also speending time with mark. I award you with the # 1 MOM, WIFE and GREAT HOUSEWIFE of the year award:) Congrats! LOL Your a pretty cool person. I love ya. Liz

JRS said...

the prairie,
News flash: Hockey rinks are cold. He got an assist on the first goal but lost the game :-{ I think Mark always looks hot in his hockey gear.

Barf. Unless frozen pizza and tripping over piles of toys every where qualifies me for an award, I think you're on something. But, you're sweet. You're the best lil Sis!