Sunday, October 12, 2008

Down syndrome and Teeth

Little ones who have Ds may have teeth that erupt much later than what is considered "typical." Others who have Ds get them on a more regular schedule in a more regular order. However, it is not unusual for our kids to get them later, in atypical order, and perhaps shaped a bit differently. We've waited for Sophie's first tooth and finally got it. It's a top left tooth. I noticed that the top right is near bursting through as well. Her Dr. pointed out one just below the surface on the bottom right and says one in the top back left, possibly a molar, is also almost here. I'll have to trust her on that one as I sure can't get a good look/feel back there. That's 15 months with zero teeth and suddenly she'll have 4!

Teething is not fun for anyone, but this most unflattering photo shows just how painful it must be, especially just before the tooth pops through. I can't wait till they break through as it might not hurt as bad. I have to say though, Soph has been a trooper with all of this, as per usual. As always, click on the photo to enlarge if you wish.


Anonymous said...

Nice picture mom. Its still cool, and exciting though! I hope she's not into much pain. Xander, you and Mark will have to watch out. Baby teeth are sharp, she may get you when she attacks with her kiss'es. It may be one of those hurt so good kind of kiss'es, though its always worth it! I remember when Austin was teething. He was giving me kiss'es, and the last one he gave me hurt, as he bit my lips. The way I screamed out scared him enough that he didnt do that again. Bite me that is. Little kids cant get/give enough kiss'es. Thats why I say its still worth it:)-Then they turn 12, and dont want kiss'es anymore :( Well ill talk to you later. Love ya Liz

Melissa @ Banana Migraine said...

Ouch! Delphine got her molars first and is now working on front teeth.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh poor Delphine. I feel your pain sweet girl. My dad took me to the dentist last week and I have three teeth (wisdom) coming in too. I hate it. Lucky for me the fourth is just totally missing. I hope you feel better.

Samm said...

That's EXACTLY where Hailey got her first tooth. Hailey's is almost serrated *sp?* and is SUPER sharp, then she got a second one in the same spot on the opposite side. Crazy teeth

JRS said...

I love the kisses too.

Molars first, huh? What a treat!

I remember getting my wisdom teeth out. It wasn't too bad as they knocked me out.

So far her front teeth seem to be typically shaped, (from what I can see) so we'll have to see about the rest of those crazy teeth.

Sandy said...

Hi there! I stumbled on your page when I was googling DS Baby Teeth. My daughter is going to be 1 year this month and I swear I can feel an itty bitty tooth coming through. So, of course, I googled it. It was a pleasure looking at your site and seeing adorable Sophie. Of course, not necessarily this picture, but all the other ones! Thanks for letting me get a sneak peek at your adorable family!

JRS said...

Hi Sandy,
Glad we could be of help. Thanks for stopping by and happy birthday to your little one.