Monday, October 13, 2008

I'm Screaming in My Head

First thing this morning as Mark went outside to take Alexander to preschool, he discovered a flat. He got the spare on and we slowly made it to school 40 minutes late. At Sears, warranty in hand as the tires were new in July 2007, they let us know it would be a while. Cathy came to the rescue, again, and carted us home. Mark walked to preschool, lugging the wagon behind him and they made it home an hour later. Then he biked to his office on campus, as per usual.

Alexander did a lot of painting at preschool and was covered from head to toe. He was told to wash up before lunch. While in the bathroom he got the great idea to lock the door and then leave, shutting it behind him. In the next few hours I tried allen wrenches, an eye glass screw driver, a spare corkscrew wire, Swiss Army knife, and coat hanger to pop the lock. Quotes for locksmiths to come out were $70, $55, and $50.

While I was working on the door, Alexander (who's favorite book lately is the Lorax by Dr. Seuss) decided it was time to chop down our tree in the front yard. He grabbed his plastic ax (part of a fire fighter's costume), put on my tennis shoes and headed out front, almost to the street. I got him back in the house to discover Sophie had boot scooted into the kitchen and dumped the cat food and water dishes. I scooped her up and she puked orange yuck on the cream carpet.

Both kids followed me around demanding milk, stories, a nap, etc. They fought and I kept trying to unlock the dang door. The tire was still not fixed 6 hours later. Finally, with the coat hanger and 2 mad kids behind me I popped the lock. However, Soph decided it was too late for her afternoon nap (AKA my nap time) and vetoed the plan. Then she spit up a few more times on the carpet. The tire got 'fixed,' not replaced for $18. I guess our warranty doesn't cover nails.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

Oh man! What a day! Hope you have a VERY relaxing evening!

Anonymous said...

the next time the lock thing happens try a butter knife, this happens at our house all of the time as the bathroom door is permanently locked. I use a butter knife and slide it between the molding and the door frame loosening it just a little, I am then able to easily pop the lock...if all else fails I send a kid in through the window! I have myself been through the window a few times, first you must crawl up the jungle gym in the back yard and make a careful but accurate leap into the small bathroom window...head first...crawl into the tub from the window (carefully) and slither into the bathroom and unclock the door that way. Love ya, the prairie

Anonymous said...

Im sorry Jen. I myself have had days like yours:( Glad to know you didnt have to spend any money to get the door fixed! Hope things start to look up for you. Love ya Liz

Anonymous said...

It's just not my day for correct commenting. I previewed before I published my comment. It looked all good untill it appeared on screen. After my sentence of having days like yours, the frown ( :( ) is split. This may not bother you, but it does me.... So thats why I feel the need to explain. I guess it's another Lizzy story, probably unnecessary but o-well. Im gonna stop now, so talk to you later. Liz

JRS said...

mommy to those special ks-
That would have been nice. Instead I thought it would be fun to develop what I believe is mastitis, dang it.

the prairie,
Thanks for the tips, now go get a new door handle.

You know I love ya.