Friday, October 31, 2008

A Look Back at Halloweens Past


RK said...

Well aren't you guys just the fun bunch!?! The only other couple I know who has had such elaborate costumes as adults happen to also come from a certain upper hawkeye type education location.... coincidence??? hmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

Such great costumes for the adults and the kids- cute as a button!! We may have to come to your house to see what this year is about tonight- not sure I can wait for the pics. I got your card, thanks-it was beautiful and I'll call soon to see what our schedules can manage...Happy Halloween :)

JRS said...

And perhaps now live in Madison? hmm. I miss the Halloween parties in Madison where we had a mandate to dress up.

whatever to us-
We looked for you. Let's get together soon. K?