Sunday, October 5, 2008

Candidates' Positions on Disability Issues

The following made for an interesting read this morning. This side-by-side comparison of the candidates' positions on disability-related issues is based on information found on the candidates' Web sites, the candidates' Senatorial Web sites and supplemented by other sources. OLRS neither supports nor opposes any political party or candidate for office. Information provided on this page is strictly for educational purposes only. Click here for 2008 Presidential Candidate Positions on Disability-related Issues Prepared by the Ohio Legal Rights Service, September 2008.


RK said...

Interesting... confirms my choice, different as it may be from many who read it. :o)

Anonymous said...

WOW looks like Obama had alot more to say on everything then the Mavrick jokesters. Maybe they werent thinking like mavricks, or were they(?). On some things maybe. LOL (SNL)........ Sorry to those who may be affended by this. But it is America, its my freedom of speech! Talk to you later Liz

JRS said...

? I need more.

He does have a lot more to say. I do wonder about putting his money where his mouth is as IL is dead last, 51 out of 50 states plus D.C. in disability services. I'm conflicted to be honest. At least he's got plans and information out there.