Friday, October 3, 2008

A Very BIG Day

  • This morning was set up for our Buddy Walk tomorrow.
  • Then I had my first ultrasound with Maybe the May Ba-by. There are a few less maybe-s now. Maybe's due date is what I've claimed, early-mid May. Maybe is only 1 baby, not the twins that Mark and Liz have been insisting we're having. Yet, we're still left wondering, maybe it's a boy but maybe it's a girl. Until December if the baby cooperates and reveals his/her sex, we'll call him/her Maybe the May Ba-by. Stop laughing.

  • Then we had a reception for our celebrity Buddy Walk speaker Karen Gaffney. She gave our local DSN a moving and inspiring speech that left me in tears. She was gracious with her time giving autographs and taking photos. More on Karen when I am not so exhausted, but be sure to check out her website.

  • Then, my sister Liz, her 2 kids, Grandma Mary, and Aida arrived and the party began.
  • Tomorrow is our Buddy Walk and I'm already beyond excited/exhausted/thrilled.
  • Oh, and now that Sophie is 15 months old, while Karen was speaking I discovered that little Sugar Bear/Stinkerbell has finally cut her first tooth and it's in the top front! Whoo-who!

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