Sunday, October 26, 2008

Brokaw, McCain in My Hometown

Just a weird co-ink-e-dink. I turned on the tv a few minutes ago. We are staying at my sister's place in Waterloo, IA for a few days. Meet the Press came on and they announced that they were live from Waterloo, IA. I thought I was hearing things. Nope, there they are. Tom Brokaw and John McCain discussing poll numbers and election issues somewhere in the same little city I'm in. I wonder what studio exactly they are broadcasting from. KWWL perhaps?


Mary said...

Does your presence in Waterloo mean Mark is interviewing at your (and our) alma mater? In any case, best of luck!

JRS said...

Ah-ha! For a hot second I was confused but went to your blog and figured it out. We stayed in Waterloo while Mark travelled on to his interview, not at our alma mater, but close by. Keep your fingers crossed. Looks like you guyes had a fun Halloween party. I miss Madison!