Thursday, May 1, 2008


The following is an archive of videos embedded in this blog. Links that are royal blue are embedded videos from outside sources. The rest are my own. Most of my videos are a combination of still picture montages and actual video clips. Clicking the brief description will take you to the original post where you can view the video. Perhaps one day I'll categorize them, but for now, chronological order will have to do (listed most recent to oldest).
*note, this archive is woefully out of date.

Storm, Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA, July 2009, local tv coverage
Storm, Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA, July 2009, my montage
Austin's baseball game
Visit to IA Youth Pavilion
Gov. Quinn press conference, local tv coverage
Gov. Quinn press conference, my photo montage
Sophie Standing
Sophie says 'Thank you'
Helena's 1st bath
Evan Almighty movie clip, An Opportunity Mother of the Year
Spread the Word event
Spring break trains
Spring break 2009
Sophie's baptism
Poyners visit, Spring break 2009
"R" word campaign, Special Olympics PSA
Obama on Leno, Special Olympics comment
Sophie Takes Her 1st Assisted Steps!I'll Follow You Into the Dark, Death Cab for Cutie, music videoJohn C. McGinley on Bonnie Hunt for 3.31.09
Time Lapse Photography (messy living room)
Unusual Suspect (Daily Show, Obama = anti-Christ/Hitler)
Sophie is Cruisin'
Soeren Palumbo Fremd High School Speech, the "R" Word
Angels Among Us
Name that Movie (dedicated to Facebook)
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
Rosa Sat
Inauguration Day
Sophie and Daddy, Giggles
Alexander's 4th Birthday
Sophie Coughing
Sophie's Therapies, December 2008
New Year's Eve, 2008
Christmas Morn 2008
Oh Christmas Tree
Developmental Playgroup, Sophie Says 'dot dot'
Lunch with Santa on the Train
Family Fun at the North Pole
Crazy Christmas Lights
Dancing in the Kitchen
"Home for the Holidays"
Alexander Rebuffs Santa
Family Portraits, November 2008
Developmental Playgroup Ball Pit, November 2008
Election Results
Election Day, Voting 2008
Hoops and Yoyo, Panic Button
Grandma Mary Surprise Party, October 2008
Natalie Merchant, Wonder
Violence Against Women Act
Palin on SNL
Sophie's O Ball
Alexander Washes His New Car
Buddy Walk, October 2008
Fall Festival
Developmental Playgroup Ball Pit, September 2008
Sophie and Alexander, 1st Kisses
ESPN E:60, Sacred Acre, Parkersburg Tornado
Sophie's Therapies, September 2008
Tina on SNL as Palin
Labor Day Weekend, 2008
Downsyn Peoria Meet Up, September 2008
The Daily Show, The 'V' Vote
Dateline Story, Serbian Mental Institutions
Jib Jab, Disco Dancing
The ARC PSA, Respect
Sophie's Therapies, August 2008
Alexander Reads "Green Eggs and Ham"
Special Olympics PSA, Don't Call Me Retarded
Sophie's 1st Taste of Independence in Pool
Protest, Part 2
Local Coverage, Tropic Blunder Protest
Hi Heaviness
Lizzy's Birthday, Beatles
Sophie Plays Peek-a-Boo
Mt. Zubba Bubba
Waterloo Visit, July 2008
Sophie's Therapies, July 2008
Campaigning, Jib Jab
Parkersburg Tornado
Sophie's 1st Birthday
Sophie Plays "So Big"
Sophie's Birth Story
Drive in theater
Sophie Learns to Clap
Alexander's 1st Year
Cedar Rapids, IA Flood
Car Accident
Waterloo, IA Flood
Rainy Day
Angry Boy & Scary Baby Growling
West Wing, Roo Canow
A Lizzy Story
Caboose Ride
Strabismus Surgery
Chicago, Date Night
Ball Machine at St. Louis Children's Hospital
Wallace and Gromit, Arson
Easter 2008